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Characteristics of pump

Time:2020-07-08 13:16:25

1. Applicable to bicycle, basketball, volleyball, football and other ball and bicycle inflation. It has versatility, compact design and solid structure.

2. The high-pressure pump can be used for front and rear shock absorbers, and can also be used as a general mini pump.

3. American and French dual-use air nozzles-suitable for any bicycle type.

4. Balls and other inflatable items are applicable.

5. In addition to freely changing the angle of the pump hose, the joint can be rotated 360 degrees, which is convenient for pumping at any angle.

6. Air nozzle storage fixed seat-intimate small design, super convenient storage.

7. Intimate red button deflation valve-When the air pressure is excessive, you can press the red button to deflate the air in a timely manner.

8. Circular arc integrated mirror air pressure indicator.

9. The cylinder shell made of alloy material has both texture and durability.

10. Mini retractable design, easy to store-only 22 cm when stored, it can be placed in a clothing pocket without burden.